At Professional Clean, we seek to provide Milwaukee, and the surrounding counties with the highest quality of work at an affordable price. We offer competitive rates, so you never have to sacrifice quality for value. Be sure to ask about our coupon specials featured in your local Valpak, Clipper Magazine and Money Mailer for additional discounts!

Carpet Cleaning

Basic Steam Clean

This is the perfect choice for lightly soiled carpets that simply need to be freshened up. Our cleaning includes a mild detergent and a color brightener with fragrance. Prices start at $20 per room.

  • 3 room minimum.

Deep Scrub

Our mid-level cleaning where your technician pre-sprays the carpet, takes a nylon pile brush, brushes the carpet and extracts the carpet with a mild detergent, color brightener and fragrance. A deeper cleaning that takes care of most soiled and traffic areas. Prices begin at $30 per room.

  • 2 room minimum.

Deep Clean

Our deepest cleaning designed to restore even the most heavily soiled carpets. Your technician pre-sprays the carpet with Pre-Conditioner to help liquify the soil. Then brushes the carpet with a nylon pile brush and extracts the carpet with a mild detergent, color brightener and fragrance. Prices start at $30 per room plus Pre-Conditioner at .20 cents per square foot.

Stairs Priced By The Step

  • $2 per step Basic Steam Clean
  • $3 per step Deep Scrub Clean
  • $4 per step Deep Clean

Air Duct Cleaning

Whole House Cleaning

Free your home of the dust particles floating around, and breathe easy again with our whole house cleaning package! Included in the package is unlimited cleaning of your heating and air conditioning vents (per zone or thermostat), plus 1 cold air return. Prices for this service start at $118.

Additional cold air returns are $30 each, and main lines and furnace cleaning services are a great value, starting at $50. We also offer sanitizer for $9 per opening.

Upholstery Cleaning

Basic Steam Clean

Freshen up your upholstery with our basic steam clean. With this service, our skilled technician uses a mild detergent, a color brightener, and fragrance to do the job.

  • Chairs: $40
  • Sofa (up to 6 linear feet): $70
  • Sofa (over 6 linear feet): additional $10 per foot
  • Sectionals (up to 12 linear feet): $140
  • Sectionals (over 12 linear feet): additional $10 per foot
  • Loose-back cushions are priced separately at $3-$15 per cushion.

Deep Scrub

Give new life to your heavily stained and soiled fabrics. Our technician uses a horse hair brush, along with a mild detergent, color brightener and a fragrance to restore your upholstery’s natural beauty. Prices begin at $25 per linear foot.

Specialty Cleaning

This method is perfect for your pieces that are not water soluble. We apply our most gentle clean to protect even the most delicate of fabrics. Prices start at $35 per linear foot.

Oriental/Area Rug Cleaning


To give your synthetic rugs a gleaming luster, we steam clean with a mild detergent, a color brightener, and a fragrance. Prices begin at $1.50-$3 per square foot.

Specialty Fabrics

It takes extra care when cleaning fabrics such as Persian, wool, and bamboo. We use an extra-safe, dry-cleaning chemical that is tailored for these kinds of fabrics. Prices start at $3-$5 per square foot.

Included in Carpet Services

  • Complete carpet analysis
  • Prespotting
  • Color brightener
  • Fragrance

What We Also Offer